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  • Highlight the LED lights- the Included 947-V Soldering Iron is the one with 3 durable LED lights & Operation Indicator light. Turn the 3 lights on to make sure you don’t miss the details that decide. And the operation indicator ensures you stay informed of the soldering iron’s working status.
  • 15 Piece Kit – This complete soldering kit includes the necessary tools: a Yihua 947-V Soldering Iron (60-watt) with LED lights, 5 extra High-Quality Solder Tips (lead-free), a Roll of Solder, a Desoldering Pump, a Cleaning Sponge, a Solder Iron Holder, a Tweezers, a Tips Cleaner & EVEN a Silicone Pad. It ‘s just this complete to provide a portable workshop. You can solder anytime, anywhere with the kit.
  • Efficient Heating Process & Temperature Control – When the soldering iron can deliver heat to the solder tip effectively, the exclusive temperature control system makes sure the temperature is accurate and stable. Designed to handle more tasks efficiently and carefully.
  • Master switch and Portable Design – Master switch on handle to promote safety and save energy. Soldering Iron – Safe, Durable, Widely Used.
  • Portable case with ingenious inner design – The soldering iron can satisfy your soldering needs just like a soldering station. Yet, your soldering projects can require the assistance of other accessories. The case lets you easily settle the parts in it to save space & stay organized. Is just superior to other regular cases for making the accessories well-organized by having them locked in the slots for your next soldering projects.


In the box

1 x 947-V LED Soldering Iron (120V)

1 x Soldering Iron Holder (With Re-usable Sticker)

1 x Pair of ESD-Safe Tweezers

1 x Desoldering Pump (Solder Sucker)

5 x Soldering Tips (Long-Lasting )

1 x Pack of Solder (1.0mm 15g)

1 x Cleaning Kit (Brass Wool, Cleaning Sponge included)



Model 947-V
Rated Power 16W
Maximum Power 135W
Weight 0.66Lbs (Iron Only)
Temperature Range 200~450°C/ 392~842°F
LED Lights High-Lumen LED Lights * 3
Operating Temperature 0~40℃/ 32~104℉
Voltage 110V-127V AC 60Hz
Tip to Ground Resistance <2 ohms
Size L7.8″ x W1.1″ x H1.3″ ±0.2inches.
Storage Temperature -4~176°F/ -20~80°C
Storage humidity 35%~45%


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