1.Use traditional high-precision thermocouple temperature measuring circuit,dual operational amplifier controls to ensure work stability, large power, heating
quickly, the temperature accuracy and stability, without the wind effect,
the real lead-free soldering.
2. Air gun heater using the latest technology (skeleton type), high-quality heater
production, significantly improved the stability and reliability and significantly
improve avoid to shocking and fighting performance ( traditional techniques
use quartz glass, can not afford to drop and re- shock, in the transport and use of
the process is very easy to damage), and working life much longer than the traditional type.
3.With a new twin-turbo blower, air volume, long life.
4. While a result of the introduction of the twin-turbo air supply and heating element using new technology,
the way of the wind out of the air gun by a perfect combination of both pump and fan out of the wind, airflow
when using the large nozzle as a gentle spiral wind, when the use of a small nozzle air flow is strong rotating
winds and air flow evenly adjustable and can adapt to a variety of uses.

5.The air gun features manual/automatic work mode conversion
Manual mode: air gun back into the handle frame, air gun to maintain the current state of the work, the
manual mode is suitable for frequent use of air guns, eliminating the need for back and forth to cool the
warming process, convenient.
Automatic mode: air gun back into the handle frame, air gun automatic cooling to standby, automatic mode
for infrequently used air gun to save energy and reduce wear and tear on the machine, to extend the life of
the machine
6.The machine has °c/°F temperature conversion function ,meet different market need to design
the temperature display mode,according to the custom to choose.

Goods datas Specification:

Model 706 872D+
Power Consumption 720W 720W
Measurement 124*187*157MM 124*187*157MM
Weight 4.5KG 4.8KG
Working environment 0~50°C 0~50°C/0~122°F
Storage environment -20-80°C -20-80°C
Hot Air Reworks
Airflow type twin-turbo blower diaphragm pump spiral wind
Air Flow ≤168L/min ≤24L/min
Temperature Range 100°C-480°C 100°C-480°C
Temperature Stability ±1°C ±1°C
Display Type Digital Display Digital Display
Handle length ≥90CM ≥90CM
Soldering Iron
Temperature Range 200°C-480°C 200°C-480°C
Temperature Stability ±2°C ±2°C
Tip of ground voltage <2mV <2mV
Tip ground impedance <2 ohm <2 ohm
Display Type Digital Display Digital Display
Handle length ≥100CM ≥100CM
Performance comparison table
series 706 872
Model 706 872D+
LED Display Two LED Two LED
Fahrenheit/Celsius Conversion YES YES
Controal Temperature
Digtal PID Digtal PID
Mannual/AUTO. YES NO
High-temperature Protection YES YES
Send air Type twin-turbo blower Diaphragm pump


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