Module Radio TLG10UA03 Uart-Wifi – Network Server – Client + Antenne – Arduino





  • TLG10UA03 is a new embedded Uart-Wifi modules supplied by elechouse.

    Uart-Wif is an embedded module based on the Uart serial,according with the WiFi wireless WLAN standards, It accords with IEEE802.11 protocol stack and TCP / IP protocol stack,and it enables the data conversion between the user serial and the wireless network module. through the Uart-Wifi module, the traditional serial devices can easily access to the wireless network.

    TLG10UA03 does a comprehensive hardware and software upgrades based on the products of the first two generations, now it’s more functional and more convenient to use,its main features include:

    • Support transparent transmission of serial completely,and achieve a plug and play serial
    • Support new AT+instruction set, Which is all based on ASCII format, it’s simple to use and pellucid.
    • Support more perfect TCP/IP protocol tack, support DHCP protocol for dynamicassignation of IP address and DNS domain name parsing.
    • Embed WEB server, and achieve the long-range parameters configuration through wireless network with IE browser.
    • Support more prefect transmission performance,the maximum sending rate can reach to 11KB/s.



    • 2*4 pins of Interface: HDR254M-2X4
    • The range of baud rate: 1200~ 115200bps
    • RTS/CTS Hardware flow control
    • Single 3.3V power supply


    • Support IEEE802.11b/g wireless standards
    • Support the range of frequency: 2.412~2.484 GHz
    • Support two types of wireless networks: Ad hoc and Infrastructure
    • Support multiple security authentication mechanisms: WEP64/WEP128/TKIP/CCMP(AES)WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
    • Support quick networking
    • Support wireless roam


    • Support multiple network protocols:
    • Support two types of work modes: auto and command
    • Support transparent transmission mode
    • Support AT+ instruction set
    • Support a variety of parameters configuration methods: serial/WEB server/wireless connection Application
    • Intelligent bus network, such as wireless credit card machine
    • Small financial payment network, such as wireless POS machine
    • Industrial equipment networking, such as wireless sensor things

    Product List

    1. Wifi module x1
    2. USB-TTL module x1
    3. 4pin wire x1


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