YX360 Sunwa, Analog Multimeter

Brand: Sanwa
Product Code: YX-960
Availability: In Stock


Function  range  precision

Dca   0.05ma - 2.5ma - 25ma - 250ma - 2.5a   ± 3%

Dcv   0.1v - 0.25v - 2.5v - 10v - 50v - 250v - 1000v   ± 3%

Acv   10v - 50v - 250v - 1000v   ± 4%

Resistance   x1?x10?x100?x1k?x10k?  ± 10%

Hfe   0~1000

Ducting check with light and buzzer

Battery check   1.5v 9v

Dimension   145x100x40mm

Weight   200g (without battery)

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